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Vehice Hire & Karting

Vehice Hire & Karting

When travelling to kart circuits, vans and motorhomes are in vogue! While collecting fuel for Bayford Meadows (a circuit in Kent) I saw a couple of Prohire customers on the road, including a CVME van

... and when travelling to Buckmore Park  I followed a Choice Vehicle Rentals van on the M20.

After all it’s not possible to put a kart and the garage in a Nissan Micra or Ford Ka. Estate cars are the smallest you can get away with, together with a trusted trailer and roof rack. Do karters hire vehicles? Yes they do! Double door vans are very popular because they provide wide access and all the hooks enable karts to be racked up against the side walls with elastic cords. Three seats in the front then enable the mechanic, driver and team captain to travel in comfort to the circuit.

Bigger teams may lease vehicles for a season with motorhomes a wise option, especially one’s with the garage space underneath as the kart(s) fits in that. Accommodation at race circuits ranges from tents to hotels, so motorhomes are an excellent solution to secure paddock space as well as your bed for the weekend.


Buckmore Park near Chatham has its 50th Anniversary race meeting this month 19/20 October, so if you are near and want to see what I do at the weekends come and see my son race, sponsored by Prohire and see if you spot one of your vans or dare I say a competitors?        


And finally - vans are bought so if you are de-fleeting and want to sell, this is a ready market.