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Welcoming Jennifer Quinlan to Prohire ...

Welcome Aboard!

Welcoming Jennifer Quinlan to Prohire ...

My name is Jennifer and I started with Prohire in January.  I have had a steep learning curve as my career background has not involved vehicle rental software!

With guidance and support from my colleagues Rachel and James on the Sales & Marketing team I am learning all about Prohire and the various aspects that our vehicle rental software system can offer our customer base.  I have been amazed at what Prohire can do for you. 


I have also been staggered at the size of the independent vehicle hire industry and continue to learn new aspects of our industry each day.

When hiring a vehicle in Puglia, Southern Italy, in August I stood in front of the front desk member of staff and felt I had an insight into what was happening with the vehicle rental process, something I would not have considered in the past!  I have to say though I was amazed at the cost to hire a Fiat 500, £10 per day, how do companies make car hire that cheap?!


Please do call me, if I can be of any help with any sales enquiry you may have, I’ll look forward to speaking to you.  Thank you to all our customers who have made me feel so welcome…

Sales at Prohire 01795 434000 (option 2)