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What you need to know about data backup...

What you need to know about data backup...


One of the most important business commodities often overlooked in small businesses is the data your business generates and protecting that data when machines fail.

Every day you are creating new data that could be critical to the livelihood of your business and if it is being stored on your local machine it might not be protected. So if anything were to happen to that machine, e.g. a virus infects it or if the machine is stolen – all of this information would be lost. This could have serious consequences in terms of lost revenue and lost business with potential customers going elsewhere.

This is where the backing up of your information becomes important, as it will allow you to recover your most important data to another machine and to carry on with a limited amount of down time. There are a number of methods you can use to backup your information but whatever method you use, try and keep it simple and remember to check that it’s actually working. It is important that you test your backups because there is nothing worse than finding out your backup has failed when you actual need it.

There are a number of different ways you can backup your information, you could use:

  •  USB devices
  •  Tape media
  •  Online backup programs

Probably the cheapest and quickest method would be USB devices, as when they are plugged in you can simply copy and paste the data you want to the USB device and when you are finished, you can unplug and take them away with you.


Tape Backup is more expensive because you would need to purchase a dedicated tape drive and the media and then use a proper backup program, e.g. Backup Exec, Windows Backup etc, to actually backup your data. Recovery is also more complicated because it will require a machine to have a Tape drive installed and potentially the same backup program you used to originally backup the data. However this form of backup device is very common when you have a dedicated server machine which will host a number of other programs that will also require backing up.



Another form of backup that is growing in popularity is online backup; this could be a program like Carbonite or Dropbox to name a few. An advantage of this backup type is that your information can be backed up automatically in the background as you carry on working and your information can be recovered from any machine, anywhere and at any time. Something to be aware of when using online backup services is the upload speed of your broadband service and the amount of data you want to upload, as these two things will govern how long it takes to upload your information. If you are going to be uploading large amounts of data this option might not be viable and you would be better off using one of the other local backup methods.


In terms of your Prohire data, we can provide you with all the facilities to backup your information locally so it can be included in your normal backup routine. All of your information is stored in a single file so it is simple to backup. Or if we host your Prohire system we will look after your data backup, and in the event of anything happening to your machines you will simply need to create a new shortcut to Prohire and you’ll be up and running again in no time.