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Why Go Hosted?

Why Go Hosted?


There are many reasons for going hosted, but the most important reason would be to protect your database. Your data is the lifeblood of your business, and your database stores everything from your bookings and clients to invoices and payments.


We often speak to clients who have had power cuts which has corrupted their database. Or maybe they had faulty machines or machines stolen from their offices. On some occasions we're unable to recover the data that has been stored on their Server Machine and they have lost months or maybe even years' worth of information.




So what exactly do you get if we host the system for you?

  • Security - Our data centre is located on a secure site with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, 24 hour manned security gate and access to the data centre is limited to only a few key personnel.
  • Resilience - The data centre has dual internet feeds, dual power, uninterruptable power supplies, backup generators
  • Redundancy - We host the system from several servers so if one component fails the system carries on.
  • Backup - We backup data on a daily basis and remove this data from the data centre.
  • Monitoring - We monitor all of our systems and are alerted by text of any issue that may affect the level of service.


(Want to know more about hosting? Click here to have a quick read of our blog post "5 Great Reasons Why We Should Host you")

If you become hosted, we would continually maintain and backup your data to avoid the above scenarios. We have several backups of your data being taken regularly to ensure that such scenarios do not happen.

To become hosted, all that you'd need is a static IP address which can easily be obtained from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) e.g. BT, Sky, Virgin Media. The reason for this is to only allow people/locations who you authorise to connect into your Prohire.