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With Easter around the corner ...

With Easter around the corner ...


Hello, a short reminder that Easter is around the corner….Do you need to put any of the foregoing on your shopping list:-


  • Extra User licenses
    Do you need temporary extra user licenses for the busy Easter period? We can add user licenses quickly and simply for 1 month at a time. Call and get a quote
  • Increase Fleet cap
    If you are near your fleet cap and are taking delivery of additional vehicles for the Easter break then let us know in advance – £4.50 per batch of 10 vehicles per month

Are you going away?  Do you want to keep on top of things whilst you are away from the office?  Have you tried:

  • Prohire Anywhere?  This product is available to all the ‘hosted’ Prohire Clients and allows you to take bookings out of hours, see vehicle availability and work remotely from the office.  If you are interested I would be happy to arrange a one month free trial


Enjoy your Easter Egg hunt wherever you may be.  My egg hunt will be in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.  I will be looking forward to Cadbury’s chocolate, the UK version when I get home.  Somehow the Australian version is just not the same!

Please do call the sales team if you have any questions about any of the products that Prohire offer 01795 434000