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Prohire - Vehicle Hire Software

Smart experienced and always there for you.

At the heart of your Rental Operation

Prohire supports the busy front desk in every way and it's quick too. To find a vehicle, create a quote, assign a client and make a booking will take you less than 20 seconds! So when the front desk is busy, Prohire doesn't get in the way! The "Allocation Chart" is the IT equivalent of the familiar T'Chart and Prohire's "Daily Diary" keeps the front desk staff (and the managers) up to date with exactly what's due in and out. Not only that, Prohire warns you if there are any delays or conflicts such as a vehicle that hasn't yet checked in but has been booked to go out. With its impressive range of features, Prohire supports every aspect of your rental operation.

100's of people's experience and knowledge has gone into making Prohire ...

Do you have clients that don't want to be charged for the weekend, but you find it's a hassle collecting the vehicle on a Friday and returning it on-site by 8am on the Monday morning?

Do you need to allocate a specific vehicle to a booking because the client wants a white car for their wedding?

Do you always go that extra mile to provide a professional service to your clients?

We know you do, so we made sure Prohire can help ...

In addition to taking a booking, checking out and in vehicles and printing rental agreements, Prohire covers:

  • Stand Down Days (weekends and holidays)
  • Vehicle Change Overs
  • Possible Extensions
  • Additional Item Charges
  • Client Risk Alerts
  • Drivers Photo's
  • Account Credit Limit Enforcement
  • Assigning a specific vehicle to a booking
  • Additional Drivers
  • Overdue Check Outs and Late Return Vehicles
  • Help to organise delivery and collections (it calculate distances for you!)
  • Client Insurance Date Validation
  • Any number of notes that can "Pop Up" when entering a booking and so much more!

Where else can you get everything done in one place? Prohire guarantees to improve your productivity and save you time.


Looking after your Vehicles...

In addition to over 70 pieces of information, Prohire's user definable attributes allow you to store anything you like about a vehicle. So if you want to record or lookup the internal dimensions of a transit van, or the security code of the radio, the information is easily available.

You can attach any number of notes and files to the vehicle, including photos of damage, registration documents or any other related items.

A Vehicle's Lifetime of Costs and Sales

During its lifetime a vehicle incurs costs and generates income. These transactions are recorded against a vehicle, allowing you to keep track of its profitability.

In addition to damage costs and recharges, Prohire enables you to record services, maintenance, MOT’s and any other type of income and cost.

By providing a 360 degree view of the performance of each vehicle, model and group, Prohire gives you all the information you need to make informed judgments about the make-up of your fleet. Essential considerations when purchasing new fleets can now be based on facts.

Account and Retail Customer Management

Prohire enforces all credit account limits for your account clients. Every time a booking is made or vehicle is being checked out, Prohire will automatically check the current balance and credit limit of the account so you don't have to. For your retail clients, all payments must be made before the customer leaves with their vehicle, and if there's fuel or damage to be paid when the vehicle checks in, Prohire reminds you to collect it. With Prohire, you always have a safety net.

Gone are the days of typing invoices into your accounts software...

Prohire does it all for you in seconds! At the end of the day all newly created invoices are placed onto a "Day Sheet". The accounts person then presses the "Post Items" button and that's it! All your invoices are now in your accounts software. As simple as that. Prohire integrates into Sage Accounts Line 50 very well, but it will also work with most other accounts Software using a CSV file to export invoices and import accounts information back.

Fuel Surcharge, Parking and Speeding Fines and Other Charges are Easy to Administer!

Prohire not only creates an invoice for every rental, but allows for sundry sales and purchase invoices to be easily managed - saving you the time and hassle. Each sundry invoice can stand alone or be linked to a certain booking or vehicle. For example, if your customer incurs a parking ticket whilst on hire, the value can be invoiced to the customer and associated to the hire for your future reference.

Invoicing for Longer Term Rentals... Made Simple

Fed up having to close down rental agreements and then create new ones at the end of each month? Prohire is the solution you're looking for. No matter how your client wants to be billed, be it every 7, 14, 21 or 28 days, at the start or end of the month or even quarterly - no problem! Whether you want to bill in advance or in arrears, that's fine too!

Put simply, when you go home for the night, all of your invoices will be waiting for you to confirm the next morning. When you're ready, you can either print and send the invoices in the post or Batch Email them to your clients ... Or both!

"Do you have clients that require a single invoice despite having 10's or 100's of vehicles on hire with you? If so, Prohire is guaranteed to save you time. Within seconds you can consolidate many bookings into a single invoice for your client. A detailed breakdown invoice/report can be supplied to your client via email ... Done!"

Connecting Prohire to your website and increase your bookings!

The internet has revolutionized the vehicle hire industry and consumers are more internet savvy than ever before. So it is incredibly important that a potential customer has the tools to make a booking with you. Don’t wait until it's too late! We strongly believe in the human touch. However we also understand that ifyour website lacks the facility for online bookings, you severely reduce the likelihood of bookings being placed, not to mention the chances of the person visiting your website.

So we built ProWeb!

Proweb connects your Prohire system to your website. For more information please click here.


Marketing to your clients!

Marketing has never been simpler. You can find your target clients based on a whole range of criteria. Just a few examples might be:

1. Find all clients who hired a minibus last summer

2. Find all clients who haven’t hired a vehicle in the last 3 months

3. Find all clients who have hired more than 10 cars in the last month

When your target client base has been identified, Prohire can export their details to a CSV file or an Excel spread sheet. With this file you can mail merge with MS Word and deliver letters, or merge with an email service such as MailChimp for an email marketing campaign. In no time, you will find how Prohire becomes the foundation of all future marketing campaigns.

Remote Locations & Central Reservation

All is visible... if you want to look!

As your business grows you may decide to work from more than one location. Keeping track of where vehicles are and what's available can become increasingly difficult. You may even decide that you want to advertise one phone number and receive calls into one Central Office. If this sounds like you, we'll take it from here.

Prohire gives you complete control and oversight of all bookings and vehicle availability throughout your organisation. Prohire supports one-way hires as well as booking against a vehicle that is currently at another site. Of course if you have many sites you may not want to offer this visibility to every location and so your sites can be set up either with or without permission to view other sites, depending on how you like to do things.

If your organisation has a Central Reservations department then Prohire will prove invaluable to you. Your Reservations team will be able to take enquiries, generate quotes, inspect local vehicle availability and pass on the booking to the selected location. Should you wish, your team can easily configure the site settings to amend booking details.

At the end of the day when all should be completed, a global overview of your locations' outstanding activities can be viewed. The level of visibility across 2 ... or 500 locations is astounding!

Smart and Flexible Tariffs to maximise your selling power!

Prohire’s Tariff and Quote Engine is incredibly powerful and offers you full flexibility. In addition to declaring your own structure (e.g. 1 to 3 days, weekly, overnights, short weekends, long weekends etc.) you can create a tariff for each vehicle group.

Prohire automatically selects the appropriate rate to charge, based on criteria you specify.

You may have multiple locations and want to charge differently depending on the area they are in. Perhaps you deal with a number of account clients who have a special rate set up for them. You may even have your web site connected to Prohire (through ProWeb) and want to publish a “special internet’ rate. There are countless more scenarios and Prohire easily deals with all of them.

Tariffs are date sensitive, allowing you to set up a tariff for next Christmas and at the end of the season revert back to a ‘base tariff’. You can instruct Prohire to stand-down its charging on certain days that you declare (i.e. bank holidays) for any given booking or account client.

Tariffs can be setup to rely on other tariffs, so for example a Corporate Tariff might be 15% cheaper than your retail tariff. When you price review your retail rate, your corporate tariff will automatically reflect the changes. This facility alone can save you huge amounts of time!

For account rate you can specify the price as a net value and for a retail rate you can enter the gross rates. So if you want to advertise £99.99 for a week everything gets calculated correctly… no more penny rounding to £99.98 or £100!

Vehicle Group 1 to 3 Days 4 to 5 Days Weekly 8 + Days Short Weekend Long Weekend Overnight
C1 £25 pd £22.50 pd £112.50 £20 pd £50 £62.50 £20
C2 £35 pd £32.50 pd £162.50 £30 pd £60 £75 £30
C3 £40 £37.50 pd £187.50 £35 pd £80 £100 £35
V1 £35 £32.50 pd £162.50 £30 pd £60 £75 £30
V2 £55 £52.20 pd £262.50 £50 pd £100 £125 £50

Utilization, Fleet Mix, Revenue Analysis, Source of Client Analysis and all things Reports...

With Prohire's reporting suite you have total understanding of what is going on in your business.

Whether you need information on:

  • Utilization
  • Revenue
  • Insurance
  • Total client spend over the last 3 months
  • Mile slippage
  • Group analysis
  • Site analysis or vehicle costing

Prohire delivers the information you need to make intelligent and informed decisions that really gives you the edge.

Prohire’s unparalleled flexibility means that reports are easily customisable. A report can be displayed, printed or output to an Excel spread sheet where you have the freedom to do what you like with it!