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Designed for your business

Installed in over 600 locations, Prohire’s trusted rental system is used to manage over 70,000 vehicles across the UK. Capable of controlling both the front and back office functions of your rental business, Prohire includes powerful features including fleet management, advanced reporting, billing and invoicing. The system also integrates with Proweb, allowing companies to receive online bookings via their existing website.


At the heart of your business

Prohire supports a busy front desk environment, and it’s fast. Users can find a vehicle, create a quote, assign a client and make a booking in less than 20 seconds.

When your front desk is busy, Prohire doesn’t get in the way. The Allocation Chart is the IT equivalent of the familiar T Chart, and Prohire’s Daily Diary keeps front desk staff (and managers) up to date with what’s due in and out.

Prohire also alerts you if there are any conflicts such as a vehicle that hasn’t checked in that’s due to go out shortly.

With its impressive range of features, Prohire supports every aspect of your rental operation.

100's of people's experience and knowledge has gone into creating Prohire ...

  • Do you have clients that require a single invoice for multiple vehicles?
  • Do you need to allocate a specific vehicle to a booking because your customer wants a white car for their wedding?
  • Do you always go that extra mile to provide a professional service to your clients?

We know you do, so we've made sure that Prohire provides the solution ...

As well as processing bookings, checking in and out vehicles and printing rental agreements, Prohire also supports:

  • Stand Down Days (weekends and holidays)
  • Vehicle Change Overs
  • Possible Extensions
  • Additional Item Charges
  • Drivers Photo's
  • Account Credit Limit Enforcement
  • Assigning Specific Vehicles
  • Additional Drivers
  • Overdue Check Outs and Late Return
  • Delivery and Collections
  • Client Insurance Date Validation
  • Pop Up Notes

Where else can you complete all these tasks in one place?


Looking after your Vehicles...

In addition to over seventy pieces of information, Prohire's user-definable attributes allow you to store additional information relating to your vehicles. If you want to look up the internal dimensions of a transit van, or the security code of the radio, this information can be recorded and made available.

You can also attach unlimited notes and files to a vehicle, including photos of damage, registration documents or any other related items.

Track vehicle costs and income

During its lifetime, a vehicle incurs costs and generates revenue. These transactions are recorded in Prohire against a vehicle, allowing you to keep track of its profitability.

In addition to damage costs and recharges, Prohire enables you to record services, maintenance activity, MOT’s and any other type of cost or income.

By providing a 360-degree view of the performance of each vehicle, model and group, Prohire supplies all the information you need to make informed decisions about the make-up of your fleet. Essential considerations when purchasing new vehicles.


Account and Retail Management

Prohire enforces your credit limits for account clients. Every time a booking is placed, or a vehicle is checked out, Prohire will automatically check the current balance and credit limit of the account, so you don't have to.

For your retail clients, all payments must be made before the customer leaves with your vehicle, and if there are any fuel or damage charges due when the vehicle checks back in, Prohire reminds you to collect them.

Tired of manually entering invoices into your accounting system?

Prohire integrates seamlessly with software packages like Sage Line 50 at no extra cost. At the end of the day, all newly created invoices are placed on a Day Sheet. The user then clicks the Post Items button, and that’s it. All your invoices will now appear in your accounts system. Sage users can also utilise our credit management facility.


Fuel Surcharges, Parking and Speeding Fines

As well as creating an invoice for every rental booking, Prohire also supports sundry sales and purchase invoices, saving you time and money.

Each sundry invoice can stand alone or be linked to a booking or vehicle. For example, if your customer incurs a parking ticket while on hire, the value can be invoiced to the customer and associated with the hire for future reference.

Invoicing for Long-term Rentals? Simple

Tired of closing rental agreements and creating new ones at the end of the month? Prohire provides the solution.

Regularly invoice your clients every 7, 14, 21 or 28 days, at the start or end of the month or even quarterly. You can also bill in advance or arrears; it’s up to you.

Prohire will process your invoices automatically; you can then print and post them or send to your clients via email.

Do you have clients that require a single invoice for multiple vehicles?

If you do, Prohire is guaranteed to save you time and money. In just seconds, you can consolidate multiple bookings into a single invoice for your client. A detailed breakdown can then be supplied to the client via email.


Remote Locations & Central Reservation

A 365-degree view ... when you need it

As your business grows, you may decide to operate from multiple locations. If you do, keeping track of your fleet and availability can become increasingly difficult.

Prohire provides complete control and visibility of all bookings and availability throughout your organisation.

If you have a central reservations department, Prohire will prove invaluable. Your reservations team can take enquiries, generate quotes, inspect vehicle availability and pass bookings to selected locations. Users can also configure the site settings to amend booking details.

At the end of the day, you can access a 365-degree picture of your activities across all rental locations. Whether you operate 5 sites or 500, the level of visibility is astounding.


Flexible Tariffs

Prohire’s powerful Tariff & Quote Engine provides complete flexibility. In addition to declaring your structure (e.g. 1 to 3 days, weekly, overnights, short weekends, long weekends etc.) you can create a tariff for each vehicle group.

Prohire automatically selects the appropriate rate to charge, based on the criteria you have specified.

You may have multiple locations and want to charge differently depending on the geographic area? Perhaps you have setup a special rate for an account client?

Tariffs are date sensitive, allowing you to set up tariffs for future periods such as Christmas. Once the dates have passed, the rates will revert to the original base tariff. You can also instruct Prohire to omit additional charges for certain days (i.e. bank holidays) for a particular booking or account client.

Tariffs can also be set up to rely on other tariffs, for example, a corporate tariff might be 15% less than your retail tariff. When you review your retail rate, your corporate tariff will automatically reflect the changes. This facility alone can save you huge amounts of time.

For account rates, you can specify the price as a net value and for retail rates you can enter the gross rate.

If you want to advertise £99.99 for a week, everything gets calculated correctly. No more penny rounding to £99.98 or £100.

Group 1 - 3 Days 4 - 5 Days Weekly 8+ Days Short Wknd Long Wknd Overnight
C1 £25 £22.50 £112.50 £20 £50 £62.50 £20
C2 £35 £32.50 £162.50 £30 £60 £75 £30
C3 £40 £37.50 £187.50 £35 £80 £100 £35
V1 £35 £32.50 £162.50 £30 £60 £75 £30
V2 £55 £52.20 £262.50 £50 £100 £125 £50

Utilization, Fleet Mix, Revenue Analysis and more...

Prohire’s powerful reporting suite provides a complete overview of your rental business.

Over 80 standard reports provide information such as:

  • Utilization
  • Revenue
  • Insurance
  • Total client spend over the last 3 months
  • Mile slippage
  • Group analysis
  • Site analysis or vehicle costing

Prohire delivers the information you need to make informed decisions, providing you with a competitive edge. Its unparalleled flexibility means reports can be easily customised to meet your needs. A report can be displayed, printed or exported to an Excel spreadsheet where you can carry out further analysis.