Complete inspections, capture images of damage and reduce repair costs on the move with our mobile app for iOS or Android.


Job management

Create jobs for tasks such as vehicle and mid hire inspections and assign to users. 


Assign or re-distribute jobs according to workload.

Historic jobs & inspections

View a full list of jobs or inspections or filter by vehicle or user.

Carry forward damage

Capture damage and carry it through to subsequent rental bookings. 

Record damage

Record external and internal damage on a vehicle diagram and link to images.

Resolve damage

Update vehicle damage as it's repaired, preventing it from appearing on subsequent bookings.

Customer signatures

Capture time and date stamped signatures, reducing customer disputes.


Record tyre condition, tread depth, manufacturer and any defects.

Item checklists

Review and record the condition of checklist items with our easy to use traffic light system. 

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Manage workload

View the jobs assigned to users and allocate new jobs and tasks based on workload.

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View and update damage

Update vehicle damage as it's repaired, preventing it from appearing on subsequent bookings.

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Mobile daily diary

View jobs with a status of Assigned, In Progress and Aborted and filter by job type and location.

What our customers think

Prohire's mobile app combines operational functionality with accurate information and data that supports the on-off hire process from start to finish. It’s easy to use application means that we can better manage our business and customer requirements, ultimately serving as an enabler to the overall experience.

Gareth Jones
Group CEO, Global Go

About Prohire

Established in 1994, Prohire specialises in connected software solutions for the vehicle rental sector.

With users ranging from single-site businesses to the largest multi-site operators, our products are installed in over 600 locations and bring big management capabilities to even the smallest companies.

Our products and services actively underpin the security and success of rental companies, improving efficiency and facilitating partnership and business opportunities which, for many operators, were previously unavailable.