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Prohire Mobile

Mobilise your vehicle rental business ...

What is Prohire Mobile?

Prohire Mobile is a range of services for use on a mobile/tablet that integrate seamlessly with Prohire, the UK’s leading vehicle rental software.

It replaces existing manual processes and paperwork with a more streamlined and effective workflow.

The first service to be released covers Vehicle Inspections. Delivery & Collections and Valeting are to follow.

Prohire Mobile is NOT a generic 'one size fits all' range of services. Each service is fully customisable to your existing processes.

Tasks can be sent from Prohire in the office to Prohire Mobile in your vehicle yard, with Prohire Mobile updating Prohire when the task is completed. Communication is via 3G, 4G or WIFI. Prohire Mobile even works 'offline', and will update Prohire once signal is re-established.

Prohire Mobile is here to help!

  • Do you have end of life refurbishment costs running into the hundreds of pounds per vehicle?
  • Or do you have disputes with your customers over new damage/parking fines/congestion zone charges?
  • Or perhaps equipment often goes missing? Are you having to buy replacement parcel shelves? Or sat navs?
  • Do you have too much paperwork?
Prohire Prohire


The vehicle handover job is picked up by one of your operators


The confirmation page confirms your operator is by the correct vehicle with the correct customer


The Levels screen pulls through the outgoing condition of the vehicle following the previous hire


All checks and outgoing equipment is shown. The operator must confirm either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether the vehicle will go out with each specific item, otherwise the operator cannot proceed to the next stage. Fully customisable on a vehicle group and individual vehicle basis.


The Condition of the vehicle is displayed. Pre-existing damage is shown in blue


You can easily view any pre-existing damage, including damage type and any images that were taken


You can always add any missed damage at this stage if necessary by tapping on the diagram


You can record up to 2 photographs per damage item


You can see the new damage in the red bubble


The customer signs on the screen to confirm they are in agreement with the inspection. An automatic PDF inspection report is emailed to the customer.


Your operator signs on the screen and confirms that the inspection is complete


All jobs are time/date/location stamped – reducing customer contention over the vehicle condition. If you don’t have mobile signal (3G/4G) or a WIFI connection during the handover process, Prohire Mobile will wait until the signal/connection is re-established before updating Prohire in the office, and emailing the customer their inspection report”

How does Prohire Mobile help me?

  • Reduces overall costs to a rental company;
  • Offers an enhanced customer experience - a smooth handover with less waiting;
  • Reduces arguments with customer
  • Reduces refurbishment costs for unaccounted damage by timely recharging of the hirer
  • Reduces cost of replacing lost/stolen items by tracking at handover and return

Increases efficiency by:

  • Improving communication between front desk and yard
  • Reducing time taken to fill in paperwork and forms
  • Reducing time taken to complete existing tasks

How does Prohire Mobile achieve this?

  • Wirelessly updates Prohire alerting the front desk to new damage and missing equipment
  • Captures customer and Inspector signatures
  • Records complete vehicle history including damage photos in Prohire

Prohire Mobile enforces the hirer to sign on-screen in agreement to the outgoing condition of the vehicle thereby reducing contention when it is returned, and highlights differences when the vehicle is returned of:

  • Damage; internal and external
  • Mileage
  • Fuel; levels and type
  • Equipment specific to the vehicle
  • Time, date & location stamp each event thereby reducing contention over who was responsible for the vehicle in case of parking fines, speeding tickets and other PCNs
  • Enforce the Inspector to sign on-screen thereby increasing user responsibility
  • Enforce a strict process and ensure correct data collection and reduce errors
  • Streamline workflows created in Prohire and enable inspectors to complete their tasks efficiently and accurately