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Prohire Risk

Protect your business from bad risk hirers!

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Want to be alerted to a risky individual/company before you hire to them?

Prohire Risk automatically identifies problem hirers against a national database, at booking and check-out stages within Prohire.

Over 600 rental locations nationwide now use the service – all co-operating with each other to protect our industry.



The types of reported incidents range from:

  • Payment issues
  • Police involvement
  • Abusive behaviour
  • Excessive damage

In the first 12 months from launch, Prohire Risk recorded over 1200 incidents, with 121 high risk hires prevented. Detecting and reporting risky hirers helps mitigate your risk and therefore saves you time/conflict and ultimately helps protect your insurance premium.

If Prohire Risk can prevent just one of your vehicles from being stolen, or save you from unwanted time and hassle chasing non-payers, it will have done its job.

With Prohire Risk there is:

  • Full integration with Prohire – no need for extra software
  • Automatic checks at each booking stage (initial enquiry, check out/in etc)
  • Nothing to learn! Prohire Risk runs silently in the background
  • Free to all Prohire customers!

Data is key to the success of this service, and so in addition to over 600 locations using Prohire, we will be joining forces with other data providers in future.

“Thanks to Prohire Risk, we have been able to avoid a potentially expensive and time consuming problem.”

“Prohire Risk has alerted us to a risky hirer. After another hire company posted details of their problems with the hirer, we have been able to avoid a potentially expensive and time consuming problem.”

(Corinne Wright, Director at Bourne Bridge Vehicle Leasing: 100+ vehicles)