At Prohire, we’re committed to enhancing our products and supporting the success of our customers. Our experienced development team are working hard to deliver additional features designed specifically for the rental industry.

Here's an overview of the new features we'll be releasing over the next few months. This page is updated regularly so check back soon for further updates and additional features.

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Please note that release dates are subject to change.

In the next 3 months...



  • Rate Card Rules Improvements and fixes relating to rate card rules.
  • Gateway Payments Integration of current payment gateways into Prohire Desktop.


  • Payment Gateway Update 3D Secure enabled in readiness for new regulations relating to online payments. Find out more

Prohire Risk

  • Prohire Risk Version 2.0 An improved version of Prohire Risk protects rental companies from fraudsters and high-risk customers. Prohire users can now create and submit risk records to a public database accessed by registered Prohire users. Find out more

Prohire Tracker

  • Tracker Portal (Phase 1) Provide your customers with access to real-time vehicle tracking data. Customers can view their hired fleet, current vehicle locations, historic trips, current mileage and enabled alerts for events such as speeding or harsh braking. Access is provided by the rental company via a secure login and password.
  • Improved Fleet View A new and improved Fleet View makes it even easier to keep track of your vehicles whilst on hire. Registration numbers are also displayed on the mapping screen making it easier to identify a vehicle.
  • Mileage Visual notification on the allocation chart when a vehicle exceeds a specified mileage allowance.
  • Weather All tracker alerts to include current weather conditions e.g. rain, fog, ice etc
  • Tracker Portal (Phase 2) The tracking data available to customers will be extended to include historic fleet usage and advanced driver views. 
  • Crash reports Generate a detailed report relating to an incident and email a copy to the customer involved.
  • Enhanced geofence functionality Add booking-specific conditions to geofence boundaries. For example, if a user is using a foreign travel geofence, alerts will only trigger if the customer has not selected foreign travel as part of their rental booking.
  • Enhanced geofence functionality Add time and day of the week based conditions to geofence boundaries. This new functionality will be useful for areas such as congestion zones where geofence alerts only need to be triggered at certain times.
  • Late Returns Receive advance warning of late returns.
  • Engine Warning Light View the date and time that an engine warning light was first displayed.
  • Crash Detection Includes high-resolution mapping and g-force data.