As a hosted customer, your rental system is in safe hands. That’s because our proven security systems protect your Prohire data with a host of powerful defences.

Key benefits of our fully hosted service include:
  • Client data stored securely within SOTA ISO 27001 accredited data centres
  • Access to servers tightly controlled 24/7
  • Two separate power feeds plus UPS
  • Two internet providers ensuring your data is there when you need it
  • Firewall network security
  • Advanced anti-virus software
  • Secure access to your data from multiple locations
  • Regular hourly backups in multiple locations (including off-site)


To guard against theft and corruption, your data is housed within resilient data centres. The air-conditioned centres are fed by two separate power feeds, backed-up by a UPS and diesel generator to guarantee constant power. Our internet connection comes from two separate providers ensuring we’re online and ready to assist you.

Access to the data centres is restricted to selected individuals via electronic ID cards and hardware in the data centre is secured via digital keypads. The data centres are based at a location with 24-hour manned gates, extensive CCTV and a razor fence perimeter. Security badges are required to access the site.

Our Servers

Your Prohire data is stored on our servers, meaning there’s no need to worry about a loss of computer power. Our server consists of an 18-disk hard disk array. This technology means that in the unlikely event that one disk goes down, you won’t even know about it.

In addition, our firewall prevents outside unauthorised access to your data. Furthermore, our advanced anti-virus software occasionally detects viruses not picked up via client anti-virus software.


Our safeguarding efforts don’t stop there. Our robust backup procedures mean your data is double protected. Each night your data is securely sent to our remote server and backed-up via tape drives. Fourteen tape drives are currently used, allowing us to recover two weeks’ worth of data.