Prohire: Revolutionising Efficiency and Profit Margins in Rental Agreements

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  • Fleet1000+ vehicles


Rabbits Vehicle Hire Ltd was established in 1989 by Kevin Rapson (known in the industry as Rabbit) and Graham Dore.

Graham retired in 2011 whilst Kevin is still involved in the business alongside Graham’s son Steve (Managing Director), Kurt Joy (Director of Operations), and Kevin’s son George (General Manager). Rabbits Vehicle Hire is a very close-knit business, with each member of the team being very involved and taking pride in the service Rabbits provides to its customers.

Efficiency is key

“We had a manual system in place previously. This meant a lot of handwritten rental agreements and transferring things into cash books. Without a shadow of a doubt, Prohire has grown with us, making things much more efficient, cost-saving, and timesaving. Everything about Prohire has helped us improve our efficiency which in turn results in better profit margins.”

Rabbits have been with Prohire since day one and over the years together, Prohire and Rabbits have built a strong relationship. Before the rollout of Prohire, like most, Kevin and Graham relied on handwritten documents and mountains of paperwork.

“Working with Prohire is great, the support team is so helpful, and we can always get an answer straight away, we never have to wait to speak to somebody.”

Growing with the company

In the last 5 years, Rabbits has quadrupled its turnover whilst maintaining a consistent net profit margin. The company has continued to grow consistently despite extremely turbulent conditions, especially the Covid crisis. Recently, they decided it was time to implement Companion to gain more control of their ever-growing fleet.  This was a long overdue task, but after blocking out a few days with Mike from our support team, they are now in full swing of Companion.

“I know it has been a very long time coming but we are now at the stage where I am happy that we can roll Companion out with everyone here. So far, 10 of the team here have trialled it and all are happy with the way it flows, happy we have everything on the checklists, etc. Massive thanks for allowing Mike to come out here for a couple of days to get us over the line with Companion.”

We always want to improve efficiency which is why we decided it was finally time to sign up with Companion we will be able to cut down on time, errors, and paperwork, and Companion will be a huge help to us.”