When it comes to managing a rental fleet, vehicle tracking is essential. However, most tracking software falls short, providing limited information such as trip history and current location, without specific data for effectively managing vehicle hires

Prohire’s vehicle tracking system stands apart from the rest. By going the extra mile to collect comprehensive information about how and where a vehicle is used, our platform automates key tasks. By integrating data from the Prohire ecosystem across all relevant departments in your business, you can set up automatic alerts based on specific criteria and take necessary actions promptly.

Live Location

With real-time location tracking, you can always know the exact whereabouts of your vehicles and monitor how they are being driven. This feature helps ensure compliance with rental agreements and enables you to retrieve a vehicle if necessary. It also empowers your front desk team to make timely adjustments to bookings or delay third-party pickups when needed.

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Trip History

Enhance live data with a complete trip history to gain a comprehensive understanding of vehicle usage. Has the vehicle visited any suspicious locations? Was the client driving when the vehicle was caught speeding? Did the vehicle exhibit erratic driving behaviour during the booking? Prohire’s trip history function provides the answers to these questions, allowing you to export usage data as a CSV file for reference outside the platform.

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Crash and Impact

Vehicle crashes and impacts can have a significant emotional and physical impact on drivers, often affecting their memory recall. Our crash and impact function bridges the gap between what happened and what the driver remembers. By collecting detailed data before, during, and after an incident, our platform automatically provides insights into how and where the vehicle was being driven, aiding drivers and swiftly resolving issues.

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Customisable parameters enable you to receive automatic alerts related to bookings. Whether it’s an unplugged tracking device, breaching of upper-speed limits, or a vehicle moving with the engine off, our alerts keep you informed and ready to take action.

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From race tracks to ferry terminals, there are specific places you want to restrict your vehicles from entering. Our tracker allows you to set time-and-date-sensitive geographical boundaries, triggering alerts if those boundaries are breached. Geo-fences can also prevent your vehicles from leaving the rental forecourt, ensuring your fleet remains where you want it.

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Mileage Overruns

Many rental vehicles have mileage limits within a specific timeframe. Our vehicle tracker can alert you if a mileage overrun is likely, eliminating the need for manual calls to retrieve such data from clients.

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Rental Drive Analysis

Understanding how a vehicle is driven can influence maintenance and risk management strategies. Our drive analysis highlights risk factors like excessive acceleration and braking, determining when maintenance is required for relevant parts. Your front desk team can also assess a client’s driving behaviour to evaluate risk prior to bookings and even reward positive behaviour for repeat customers.

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Tracker Dashboard

This central interface allows you to monitor the allocation and proper functioning of trackers. It provides an overview of the most important tracking data, allowing you to navigate seamlessly between functions.

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Tracker Portal

In today’s world, customers demand transparency and may want to monitor their own driving behaviour and that of other drivers on a booking. Our portal offers customers daily activity reports, breaking down their behaviour, location, mileage, and any alerts they need to be aware of.

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