"Through various businesses, I've used Prohire and their support system has always been unrivalled. When you need to find a way to use Prohire, they will find a way to do it and make it look professional. Mike has helped us develop our Prohire to work for our business model. Prohire features make it an easy choice for hire companies."

Adam Hughes
Rental manager, Nola Hire

"We have recently joined Prohire. Having experienced previously using a different software for running our bookings system we can honestly say we made the right choice in moving to Prohire. The system absolutely covers more or less everything in regard to the vehicle rental industry. Lastly, the team are amazing and always at hand to help if we ever get stuck or can't handle anything ourselves. Thank you guys."

Irfan Shah
Director, VanFirm

"Prohire covers all our needs from daily to long-term rentals, allowing us to manage our vehicles, invoices, and customer records with ease. The vast range of reports is incredibly useful and gives us a great overlook for any data we might need."

Craig Kearney
Administrator, Fleet Management Services

" It's wonderful that the support team can just log in remotely to view the issue and show me what the problem is. They take the time to explain what is wrong and suggest how I can try to fix it if it happens again but are always happy to help if I am unable to resolve the matter on my own. I appreciate this type of high-class customer service. Thank you."

Shirley Evans, Whitgift Hire
Rental Agent

"The perfect tool for fleet management. I can book vehicles back-to-back as I feel confident that if a van is not returned, I can check the location and contact the hirer before the next customer arrives”.

Paul Herbert
Director, Traffic Self Drive

"The biggest advantage is that we can now see the trip history of the vehicle. It’s extremely helpful when dealing with mileage discrepancies. The cost is also very affordable”.

Sean Smith
Director, Globe Vehicle Hire & Sales

“The main reason for using trackers is for live location; this is easily viewed via the allocation chart which provides great maps. The driver behaviour alerts are greatly used; these allow us to investigate and provide evidence of a driver's behaviour, preventing customer disputes. Prohire trackers are invaluable for running our business and we would recommend Prohire itself to anyone. Prohire gives us everything we need to run our business".

Scott Mackay
Fleet Manager, McNicoll Vehicle Group

"With Prohire's booking plugin, we can maximise online bookings whilst maintaining full control of our fleet. It also saves us a huge amount of time as we no longer process these bookings over the phone."

Tom Senior
Rental Manager, Senior Car & Van Hire

"Since introducing Proweb, our online bookings have increased by 20%. No-shows and cancellations have also dropped from 30% to 8%, a huge improvement."

John Field
Managing Director, Choice Vehicle Rentals

"Companion is an essential tool. It has certainly allowed us to confirm and charge out more damage and it's also improved the consistency of handover and return procedures."

Scott Groome
Managing Director, Longmarsh Limited

"In the past, fuel and mileage recharge have slipped through the net, but we now have all the information at our fingertips. Our customers love it too."

Tim Murphy
Business Partner, LCH Vehicle Hire

"The best move I made for my business; it does the job. No more manual check sheets. No more missing damage. A picture really does speak a thousand words”.

Katie Daly
General Manager, Envirovan

Not having an office at each site, Companion gives our managers the freedom to complete checks anywhere. It’s also centralised, so the admin staff can see right away what’s going on and have a big picture of where our vans are.”

Adrian Miclosoni
Business Development Manager at TMF Couriers.

“I massively recommend using Prohire and their companion feature for an easy use, quick system to keep your stock and drivers all organised in one place.”

Matt Lakey
Rental Advisor at Film Logistics.

“For day-to-day operations, Prohire is fast and simple to use which results in an efficient booking system with a quick handover process”.

Mark Kendall
Managing Director, Kendall Cars Limited.

“Prohire is essential to the running of our business. The perfect solution for daily rental operators, it allows us to manage the front and back office with ease”.

Tom Senior
Rental Manager, Senior Car & Van Hire

"I would highly recommend Prohire to any fleet operator looking for a solid, easy-to-use system that will help make their business more efficient."

Steve Dore
Managing Director, Rabbits Vehicle Hire

"I've been working with the team at Prohire for over 15 years and we're delighted with the system and the way it allows us to operate our business."

Gareth Jones
Managing Director, Radius Vehicle Solutions

“We have been using Prohire from the inception of our business and have yet to find a better platform. We now control more than 1,000 vehicles through 4 branches, and each can share information seamlessly.”

Paul Tuszynski
Head of Sales and Operations, Imperial Vehicle Hire

“Prohire provides us with an easy-to-manage system that helps automate many of our accounting procedures and systems, from automated rental invoices to producing admin charges for items such as parking tickets. Feeds send everything through to our Xero accounting system making everything a breeze.”

Rhys Adams
Director, Cocoon Vehicles Limited

"The system is fantastic for organising bookings and vehicles. It’s quick and simple to check vehicles in and out, record maintenance history, and set reminders. Everything we need is at our fingertips with Prohire."

Nick Ladyman
Fleet Manager, 3B Vehicle Hire Ltd

“We have been a Prohire customer for many years and have had so few issues it is quite incredible. Being a company that operates several other systems all of which we have no end of gripes about gremlins and lack of support when required, we are aware of the need for good communication and help. All of which we have always received from yourselves.”

Jacquie Gibson
Director at Western Truck Rental

“We have been using Prohire from the inception of our business and have yet to find a better platform. We now control more than 1000 vehicles through 4 branches, and each can share information seamlessly. We are eagerly anticipating the new releases due next year when further cloud developments further enhance their offering.”

Paul Tuszynski
Group Head of Sales, and Operations at Imperial Vehicle Hire.

“Prohire is brilliant; the support team is extremely helpful, and they always respond to our calls quickly. The support we get from the customer service team is second to none, Prohire allows us to manage our fleet from a remote location and everything is done at a touch of a button. The companion app is so easy to use and helps us by maintaining our high customer car standards, making sure we check our customers into their rental vehicles smoothly. We use the app daily and have made adaptions to the documentation that suits our business/customer needs. We will continue to use Prohire and have such a brilliant relationship with the team!”

James Mogford
Rental Supervisor at Premier Ford

“All the staff at Prohire are very helpful and professional and adding extra features and benefits constantly. Their support desk is one of the best we have used, always ready to help and always either fixes the issue straight away whilst on the phone or in a very short time if it's more in-depth. Would recommend to anyone needing a rental management solution.”

Steve Goodchild
General Manager at Apex Car Rental

“Using Prohire to manage our fleet of Splitter Vans & Luxury Vehicles has been a real game changer at Atlas Touring. Completing handovers via the companion app has greatly reduced any margin of error and we often get compliments from our customers on how sleek and efficient the system is. Training and support have been first-class. I can’t recommend highly enough, not sure how we ever managed without!”

Mike Griffiths
Owner of Atlas Band Touring Ltd

“As a rental operator, the software you use provides the cornerstone of your business. Prohire does this faultlessly it gives you the tools to see the whole picture of your operations. The support that is offered is second to none they are always quick to respond to emails and calls to answer any queries you may have. I would recommend Prohire to anybody looking for rental software.”

Daniel Osman
Rental Manger for the LCV Group

“We have a great working relationship with the support team at Prohire, nothing is ever too much trouble. The turnaround time for any support or issues we have is always speedy and everyone is friendly and helpful. We have over 100 vehicles on the fleet and have used Pro-Hire for 10 years, I have been back in this department for just over a year and cannot thank the team enough for all the training, tips, and general help that we have received. I am excited to move over to Proweb, the webinars so far have given the team lots of food for thought.”

Natalee Martin
Operations Manager at Dash Drive

“Rental made easy, by far the best system in the market. The latest updates are well thought out and very easy to use, the future is looking even better. The support team for Prohire is second to none, absolute professionalism, knowledge, and speed at its finest.”

Tim Jeffrey
General Manager at AlleyCat Car and Van Rentals.

“System is working well, support guys are great, I’ve got to know a few of them quite well from my dealings with them. Keen to start using the mobile app as I think it will be so much smoother for us it’s on my radar.”

Ahmed Haider
KS Auto

“Our experience with Prohire so far has been positive and we receive help quickly regarding any queries. I would recommend using Prohire for all your hiring needs, it's easy to use and teach and is a great way to keep on track of your stock.”

Matt Lakey
Rental Advisor at Film Logistics.

“We can do it all from the office and it puts your mind at rest. It takes a bit of stress out of planning, stresses out of that guesswork.”

Maxy French
Rental Manager at TO-AN-FRO Car and Van Hire

“We have been using Prohire since 2007 after going independent in 2006 and Prohire has been an incredibly powerful tool which has enabled us to grow. Proweb, especially the new Proweb with live availability, was a game changer for our website booking and conversion rates. Tracker, Risk and Companion are all incredibly valuable services that we also use. The team have always been helpful when we have needed them, especially David through the years if I have ever need to reach out, and we are looking forward to sharing Prohire’s journey to the new platform with them.”

Luke Buttress
Assistant Manager at Cambridge Car and Van Hire.