Prohire: Maximising Efficiency and Streamlining Operations

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  • LocationHull
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Beerhouse Self Drive was formed in 2004 and has been growing ever since. With excellent customer service and expert staff at the heart of its business, Beerhouse Self Drive has built itself an exquisite reputation in the North of England.

Beerhouse Self Drive’s head office is based in East Yorkshire, with other sites across Yorkshire offering daily spot hire rentals, short and long-term flexible rentals, and contract hire. Proudly accredited by the BVRLA, (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) Beerhouse Self Drive constantly attends the BVRLA and industry training courses, keeping up to date with all legislation and good working practices.

Since 1994 we have been using our industry knowledge to support rental companies all over the world to ensure they are using the best tools possible to run their business.

Phil adds: “Prohire works for us massively on all fronts. I like the fact that you can renew fleet management through it as well. It’s not just a booking system, I’ve always found it to be very flexible, especially with the updates and additions added to it, it just works for us.”

Getting started with Prohire

Since becoming a customer in 2005, Prohire has built a healthy relationship with the team at Beerhouse. Whether it’s a new company or a company that’s been with Prohire for a while, the team at Prohire will always do its best to solve any issues customers are facing and help offer support and or training when required.

Phil adds: “The working relationship we’ve had with the team has always been really good as they are very approachable.”

Introducing Companion

Over time, the team at Beerhouse became open-minded to new opportunities the Prohire system had to offer. After a few years of contemplating, Phil decided it was time to see what Companion had to offer.

“I think it took Rachel, from sales, about two years to persuade us to use Companion. Like many, we were hesitant about making a big change. However, when we finally did, it has been a revelation for us in how we operate. Our customers are happier as they are getting clearer and more concise information.” Adds Phil.

Prohire’s software helps businesses improve their customer service by providing real-time information about the availability of vehicles and by making it easier to manage reservations and rentals across the entire platform.

“Not only does using Companion make us look professional to the customers but it also protects the end user. We went from not daring to use it, to not knowing what we would do without it. I know other companies may be resistant at first, but just go for it.” He adds.

Smooth sailing with vehicle tracking

Prohire Tracker is a vehicle tracking solution that is part of the Prohire platform. It allows clients to track the location and status of their vehicles in real-time, providing valuable insights into their fleet operations. By tracking the location of vehicles, Prohire Tracker helps clients ensure the security of their drivers and vehicles. It also allows them to respond quickly in the event of an accident or other emergency.

“One of the main reasons we decided to start using the tracking module was the mileage updates. One of the biggest issues we have as a business, with the capacity at which we run, is that the vehicles out local not coming back, every single day or every other day, some of the stuff we do is long term so sometimes, we struggle trying to get the correct information from our customers or the end users that the mileage is correct.

“Which then ties into service updates and keeping everything under warranty. That was critical. So having that information downloadable straightaway from the booking makes it easy to manage.” Says Phil.

Prohire Tracker helps clients optimise the use of their vehicles. It also provides valuable data on driving patterns and behaviours, which can be used to improve driving habits and reduce accidents and detect misuse of valuable fleet assets.

Phil adds: “Using vehicle tracking has made us more efficient in terms of logistics, administration of running the fleet, and fleet management. It’s been a key piece of equipment to keep an eye on the vehicles when they are on hire.”

Getting organised with Proweb

The Proweb module helps to coordinate and organise activities between all departments of a rental company. It helps to unify staff into a cohesive and effective team and focuses on key aspects of the service each department performs for their customers and the rental company itself.

“With Proweb customers know the information showing is accurate, they can easily see the availability of what they are after. Some people, like being completely online but others still like to pick up the phone and give us a call, Proweb allows us to do both.” Says Phil.