Prohire: Transforming Fleet Management and Reducing Damage Costs

  • IndustryDaily Rental
  • LocationManchester
  • Fleet50 +


Based in Greater Manchester, Tottington Motor Company is a family-run business and has been providing quality used cars, new and used motorhomes and service and maintenance stations, for over 50 years.

Since 1994  we have been helping rental companies all around the world manage their rental company sufficiently and successfully. With a knowledgeable support and implementation team to help make the transition as easy as possible for those starting their journey with Prohire.

Before Prohire

Before implementing Prohire, Tottington Motor Company had no other rental software system in place, but as the fleet started to grow and as the business started to develop, in 2019 they thought it necessary to corporate a reliable system.

Managing Director, Jason Mawdsley adds: “We are a United Rental Group licensee and our first introduction to Prohire Software was through them.

“Before immediately going with Prohire, we did have a look around to see what was out there. However, there was very little choice that offered an all-encompassing package. Something that caught our eye was the check-in and out process being compatible with a tablet or mobile phone.”

Jason adds: “Support has always been amazing to us, the main message from us is to just use support where you can.

“As we implement more modules (Proweb, Companion, and Tracker) the level of support we need increases, the team of six in the Prohire support team is just amazing to work with.”

Getting started with Proweb

Proweb is our online booking system designed to ease the booking process by accepting and managing bookings and payments from your existing website. Using Proweb makes it easier for users to accept bookings and manage payments.

Jason adds: “The Prohire platform is scalable, we have certainly taken advantage of this. The Proweb module stood out to us as we saw how easy to use it was and really liked that we can utlise our bookings with the 24/7 365 days booking widget that we have implemented onto our website.”

Reducing damage costs

The Prohire Companion App is accessible on both smartphones and tablets, allowing users to reach beyond the rental desk without the need for WIFI or a mobile network connection, thanks to its efficient data management. Users can check vehicles in and out and track any damages caused whilst on hire.

“Our damage costs have been reduced, we use Prohire not just across rental but also across our loan car fleet, so our service and maintenance department runs several loan cars. Typically, pre-Prohire damage wasn’t picked up or it was ignored. Since Prohire, everyone uses Companion and we have no damage issues, if someone damages something we charge for it.

I would tell other companies to go on the Companion journey and install it, there will always be some sort of resistance, but it is expensive running a fleet of vehicles but even more expensive when damage isn’t noticed.”