Prohire: Unveiling the Power of Vehicle Tracking for Coherent Operations

  • IndustryDaily Rental
  • LocationManchester
  • Fleet90 +


Total Self Drive is a family-run business based in Manchester, thriving with local long-term relationships, and striving to connect customers with the right solutions.

“Total – For the People, By the People. Keeping People Moving.”

Since starting the business 14 years ago in his house, Managing Director, Nathan Holdcroft, has grown the business massively whilst using Prohire day to day to serve the city of Manchester and surrounding areas with pride.

A journey with Prohire

Since joining United Rental Group (URG) as a licensee, Prohire was highly recommended to Nathan by members of URG. Nathan decided to start with a small licensing agreement, covering his ten vehicles at the time, now it is ever-growing. He wanted to make sure they have reliable software in place before the business took off.

Nathan adds: “The journey with Prohire has been great, whenever we have struggled, we have always been able to pick up the phone and call, and within a short space of time whatever the query is it gets sorted and whatever the learning curb is it gets put into place.”

Total Self Drive has a sister business called Total Paint Solutions, an award-winning Bodyshop with 30 years of expertise. This means Nathan has several different packages in place to allow both to run smoothly beside each other.

Nathan adds: “The support team will not leave you alone until they know, and queries are dealt with. We found that the more we have grown with Prohire and the more packages we have added, the easier it has become for us.”

Vehicle Tracking

Our tracking module allows users to manage and detect any issues within their fleet. It allows clients to track the location and status of their vehicles in real-time, providing valuable insights into their fleet operations.

Real-time tracking: Prohire Tracker provides real-time information on the location and status of vehicles, allowing clients to monitor their fleet operations and make informed decisions.

Improved security: By tracking the location of vehicles, Prohire Tracker helps clients ensure the security of their drivers and vehicles. It also allows them to respond quickly in the event of an accident or other emergency.

Improved usage: Prohire Tracker helps clients optimize the use of their vehicles. It also provides valuable data on driving patterns and behaviours, which can be used to improve driving habits and reduce accidents and detect misuse of valuable fleet assets.

Nathan adds: “The vehicle tracking allows us to sleep peacefully at night, its peace of mind more than anything else. It’s great to know exactly where the vehicles are.”

“As this tracking system is part of a whole platform, it is easy to fit and it does more than we anticipated. It’s well worth it, easy to use, and fit. The fact it’s a part of one package really helps.”