The latest features we've added to Companion

Version number 1.35.4

7th December 2022  ·  1 update


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Guest access to Companion jobs

The ‘Vehicle Job Template’ is a custom job type that allows users to create completely bespoke companion jobs. This job type can now be assigned to a guest for them to complete. The guest does not require access to Prohire to open or complete the job.

Version number 1.33

6th December 2021  ·  2 updates

New features

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Rental Agreement jobs can now be assigned to a guest user

During creation of a linked Checkout job the Rental Agreement portion can now be assigned to a guest user for them to complete. The system will still require both the Checkout job and Rental Agreement job to be completed before the booking will be set to an ON HIRE status. Prerequisite: Prohire v4.12.0.101


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Ability to specify the filename the system uses for attachments created as part of a Job

The name used for documents produced as part of the Job Type can now be changed.

Version number 1.32

11th October 2021  ·  7 updates

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New Booking Checksheet Job Type

A new Beta Job Type has been created. Users can now email last completed inspection jobs to guest users allowing them to view all job data. The new job type also allows guest users to view high-resolution images captured during the job. The new read-only job can be used in conjunction with the regular PDF document sent to the customer on completion of the job.

Add document specific logos for use with Companion generated pdf reports

Documents generated as part of a Companion job can now include a transparent logo when a png file type is uploaded within the email branding section. A new Document branding type providers more control over the logo that appears on the documentation. Document branding can be configured at a Hire Company, Location or Scheme Membership level.


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Completed Companion jobs are no longer deleted from the database

If a completed mobile job is deleted, it will now be updated with a deleted status but remain on the database. Jobs with a deleted status are hidden from the UI.

Companion Job Multi-Select

Users can now select multiple jobs and perform certain actions against them from the Browse Jobs screen.

Custom ordering of job type lists

Users can now control where a particular job type appears in a dropdown list. To adjust the ordering, users add a precedence value to the job type. The higher the precedence value, the higher the job type will appear in the list.

Improvements to the date and time selectors on the job data screen

Users can now change the effective or due date/time fields on the Mobile Job Data screen using the standard date/time picker found in other areas of the system.

System properties only appear on relevant jobs

System properties set up for a specific job type will only appear for those jobs, preventing incorrect properties from being displayed.