The latest features we've added to Tracker

Version number 1.35.4

7th December 2022  ·  2 updates


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Tracker timestamp

The Tracker device list now includes the date timestamp of when the device last pinged into the system.

Weather details

Weather details will only be provided when the alert type is Impact, Crash & Max Speed.

Version number 1.34

24th April 2022  ·  2 updates

Bug Fixes

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Tracker Trip information no longer being transferred down to FB database

Details of the vehicle’s trip are being sent down to FB database for reporting purposes, this caused extra load to be placed on the database. This transfer has been removed, Trip information can be found against either the vehicle using the Fleet View screen or via the Trips -> List view in Prohire online

Version number 1.33

6th December 2021  ·  1 update


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Tracker vehicle view now points user to specific fleet view listing for vehicle.

When a user clicks to view a vehicle’s tracker trip listing they will now be directed to the Fleet View screen with the vehicle registration already selected.

Version number 1.32

4th October 2021  ·  1 update

New features

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New crash detection for stationary and slow moving vehicles

New stationary and slow vehicle crash detection has been added to Prohire Tracker. This update improves the systems ability to detect when a vehicle has been involved in an incident whilst stationary or travelling slowly. Users can manually reclassify crash reports as impacts if incorrect.