Prohire: The Impact of Electronic Signatures on Customer Accountability and Vehicle Safety

  • IndustryDaily Rental
  • LocationBasildon, Essex
  • Fleet60 +


For 8 years, Envirovan has been working hard to help its customers within the Southeast area, with many vehicles to offer, Envirovan strives to meet customers’ needs every day. The team prides itself on its speedy and professional service and uses the Companion App to save precious time throughout the day.

Time management

Prohire Companion is compatible with both iOS and Android and includes a variety of features to help streamline your rental business.  Envirovan use it to complete vehicle inspections, manage any damages that are pre existing or new damages, send out digital rental agreements, customise your work processes, and much more.

Katie adds: “I never look back at how we worked before… I would recommend Companion to anyone in the rental business. You can check out customers so quickly and professionally which helps with managing your time as I am sure you are all as busy as me. !”

Although it took the team 18 months to add the module they are now very keen on Companion and are happy they decided to add the module. Katie adds: “Don’t wait eighteen months as I have, do it today. I know everyone’s extremely busy but take the time out. We had a week where we weren’t very busy, we made that transition, and I’m so glad that we did.”

The Prohire support team

At Prohire, we are here to support our customers with any challenges when implementing a new module. We have a great support team who are here to help answer those difficult questions and make your life easier.

Katie adds: “We’ve had a few times where we’ve been like ‘what’s happened, where has it gone, how do we get out of this page?’ but we’ve just phoned support and they’ve been more than happy to help us. So that’s been great as well.”

Rental companies are using Prohire Companion to digitalise and streamline their processes. Many rental companies still spend significant amounts of time processing paperwork and manually filling in vehicle check sheets.

Katie adds: “I will never go back to writing a paper check sheet ever, ever again.

“The checking in and out of vehicles feature records all the damage which is just fantastic. It puts the customers at ease when they’re going around the vehicle because they can see that it has all been recorded. And because it records that damage against each vehicle, you get less human error as well.”

Resolving disputes with Companion

Prohire Companion provides users with the tools and information they need to optimise their rental operations and increase efficiency. The job templates can be customised to suit the needs of any rental business small or large. The accuracy of the damage captured helps to reduce customer disputes and contention. Making sure damage is recharged consistently.

“No one can argue with anything, it’s all there, they’ve signed it, and they’re accepting it.

“It puts a little bit of pressure on the customer to read those sections when they are signing for a vehicle rather than just signing a piece of paper. And because it is electronic, it’s there in black and white. We can see the reduction in accidents and damage to the vehicles.” Adds Katie.