Renting a vehicle to the wrong person can have disastrous consequences for your business. They might have a history of theft, abuse, fraud, or any number of legally unacceptable behaviours. At Prohire, we understand the importance of identifying potential risks before they become a problem. 

Enhanced Driver Screening

Our risk and security measures include access to a shared database of “problematic” drivers, allowing you to screen potential clients and take their history into account during the booking process. This helps you make informed decisions and avoid handing over the keys to individuals with a damaging past. What’s more, our system automatically generates warnings for any organisation using Prohire, ensuring that you stay informed and protected.

Staff Auditing

In addition to external risks, we also provide robust auditing functionality to address any concerns related to your internal staff. Our auditing system meticulously tracks and logs all button interactions, recording who performed specific actions and when they were executed. This level of transparency helps you keep your organisation accountable and maintain a secure environment.

Risk and Security Features

Learn how you can enhance your rental experience with Prohire Risk and security elements.


Check our database of risky hirers, shared with every organisation that uses Prohire.

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Log unacceptable and illegal client behaviour on the Prohire Risk Database.

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Automatically connect with the rental community to flag bad clients.

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Offenders’ Rights

Clients have the right to request that they are removed from the Prohire Risk database.

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Keep tabs on your fleet with live vehicle tracking to reduce thefts and losses.

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Credit Management

Spread your risk by putting sensible limits on the number of vehicles that one client can hire.

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Don’t let your business get caught off guard. Stay one step ahead of the game with Prohire’s risk and security measures.

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