Any vehicle collision is a stressful event, and one that can hinder a person’s memory recall. Without the presence of a credible witness, doubt and blame can creep in, causing disagreements over who’s at fault to drag on interminably.

Comprehensive Crash Tracking

Prohire’s crash and impact tracker functionality invites you to leave doubt at the door. While the software constantly collects vehicle and trip data even when the ignition is off, it captures a deeper level of data for a period before, during, and after a crash.

Instant Crash Alerts

As well as generating useful data, the crash and impact function will alert you when a crash has occurred, allowing you to put steps into place to ward off contact from third-party insurance companies. With objective data to confirm or disprove driver accounts, liability can be evidenced in a matter-of-fact way, speeding up any insurance claims.

Without sufficient insight, the process of claiming for damage and resolving crashes can be more complicated than it has to be.

When a crash or an impact occurs, let Prohire’s data do the talking.