In days gone by, the availability of your vehicles would be manually updated on a central system when a car, van or truck arrived in or left your yard.

Aside from being quite time-consuming, this process was often inaccurate, leading to frustrated customers who followed a booking process to the end only to be told their desired vehicle wasn’t available.

Real-Time Availability

Our availability engine removes any frustration altogether by automatically updating availability based on information received from the Prohire ecosystem. That availability is then shown to the customer in real time and can effectively influence the price you quote.

Availability Management

But, as you know, many things can influence real-world availability. Perhaps a vehicle has been selected to go abroad or is likely to be returned late from previous hires. Prohire’s availability engine takes all those things and more into account automatically, ensuring that it is completely aligned with the way your company does business

Steer clear of availability frustration and take the road to success.