How Our Simplified Booking Experience Works

Nobody likes a complicated system. That’s why Prohire’s booking process for retail customers is intuitive, and the information displayed is accurate and up-to-date, supported by the Prohire ecosystem to ensure a consistent process.

Vehicle Recommendations

Having provided simple information such as location, dates & times, type of vehicle and the drivers age, the system then draws on vehicle availability and dynamic pricing to present a set of results to the client.

Real-Time Customisation

When they click into a vehicle group, the client can then select from any additional options (defined by the advance rate card). The quote is recalculated in realtime and reflected back to them.

Client Registration

Once the charges have been configured, the client is then invited to either log-in - if they are a returning client - or to enter some basic details, such as name, address and contact details if they are a first-time user.

Driver Screening

A series of qualifying questions, such as “Do you have more than 6 points on your licence ?” are then asked to screen out any misunderstanding as to who is allowed to drive a particular group of vehicles. Those questions can be formulated by you and can be dependent on things like the location from which the rental is starting. Those location-dependent questions are particularly beneficial at places like airports, where a flight arrival time is often necessary to ensure a seamless pick-up.

Secure Card Tokenisation

The client is then invited to enter their credit card details which is then “tokenised” in the cloud for subsequent use.

Instant Booking Confirmation

If the selected rental request is a “free-sell” the payment is taken immediately and the booking is automatically confirmed.

Availability Confirmation Process

On the other hand , if the request is “subject to availability”, it is sent to your desk team for consideration. If it is possible to accept the booking, the client’s payment is automatically taken and they are notified via email.

Our existing clients have found that using our upfront payment feature has reduced ‘no-show’ bookings significantly, an unfortunate occurrence that has knock-on impacts for other clients.

Take our shortcut to hassle-free bookings with the seamless Proweb process.