How Easy Is the Booking Process?

When it comes to booking a rental, customers prioritise ease of use, alongside rental prices and vehicle availability. Prohire’s web booking portal can fulfil that priority.

By simply entering a few details, customers can instantly view live vehicle availability and prices, thanks to Prohire’s interconnected ecosystem. Unlike other rental companies that require manual updates, our dynamic web booking tool automatically communicates with other platform modules. It instantly adjusts what customers see based on factors like existing booking extensions that may affect availability or the competitiveness of a specific area that may impact pricing.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

While other rental companies might need to manually update the system, Prohire’s dynamic web booking tool automatically communicates with other platform modules, instantly adjusting what appears to the customer based on things like the likelihood of an existing booking extension – affecting availability – or the competitiveness in a particular area – affecting price.

Enhance the efficiency of your web booking process with our Proweb module.

To learn more, continue reading below or jump to a specific function.

To find out more, continue reading below, or jump straight to a specific function.


Say goodbye to the days of inefficient phone calls and emails for rental management. From the customer’s first click to availability calculations, promotional codes, booking confirmation or rejection, and payment, Prohire’s process is straightforward and efficient. Our up-to-date ecosystem provides automatic feedback based on your pre-defined parameters, such as applying different rates or asking specific questions.

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Meet and Greet Locations

Sometimes, your clients may prefer to start their rental from off-premises locations like airports, seaports, or train stations. With the Proweb functionality, you can request their flight or ferry arrival time to ensure the vehicle is ready to meet them upon arrival. This information allows you to adjust rates accordingly.

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Advanced Rate Card

Move beyond static pricing with our advanced rate card. It instantly updates pricing frameworks based on vehicle availability, location, market conditions, and any other parameters you choose to implement.

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Our quoting functionality utilises the advanced rate card to adjust individual prices to meet your customer’s needs. It provides transparency and clarity regarding the rental cost, empowering customers to make informed decisions before finalising their booking.

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Our availability checker is automatically updated by the Prohire ecosystem, ensuring that what customers see is what they get. Our web booking portal can handle both “on request” and “free sell” bookings, ensuring smooth processing even during busy periods without requiring direct input from your team.

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Throughout a rental booking, multiple financial transactions often take place, including the initial deposit, full payment, damage charges, and relevant refunds. Our payment partners, Stripe and Opayo, handle all these transactions seamlessly through the booking platform.

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