Throughout the booking and rental process, it’s crucial that your clients are kept informed.

Email the Essentials

That’s why we created an email system that facilitates easy and efficient sending of various documents. This includes booking confirmations, quotes, billing schedules, invoices, digital rental agreements, vehicle check sheets from Prohire Companion, and tracking notifications from Prohire Tracker.

Say What You Want

Instead of using a generic approach, each message can be fully customised to meet your specific needs. Our templates enable you to personalise your messages accordingly.

Batch Emailing

Additionally, our batch emailing feature allows you to send multiple invoices in one email, which is especially useful for clients with numerous bookings.

Have They Received Your Email?

If you’re unsure whether a customer has received an email, our email log allows you to track messages from dispatch to delivery. It also notifies you of any issues encountered along the way.

End-to-end communications. All in one place, all in your control.