Our comprehensive ecosystem flawlessly combines numerous daily tasks carried out by rental companies. This encompasses effective booking management, real-time vehicle tracking, assigning delivery and collection tasks to drivers, logging vehicle damages, processing payments, facilitating online bookings, and much more.

Working Harmoniously

In contrast to dealing with separate and non-communicative systems, the Prohire ecosystem guarantees seamless integration of all processes and information. This results in instant updates and synchronisation across the board. Your team no longer need to switch between various systems or hunt for information.

Business Modules

An inter-connected selection of tools, working in tandem to drive your vehicle rental business forwards.

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Vehicle Rental

The Vehicle Rental Module helps to coordinate and organise activities between all departments of a rental company.

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Companion App

The Prohire Companion App allows users to reach beyond the rental desk without the need for WIFI or a mobile network.

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Web Booking

Proweb ensures you never miss a booking, allowing you to operate 24/7 while staying in control of your fleet.

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Vehicle Tracking

As part of the Prohire ecosystem, our cost-effective vehicle tracking automatically supports every facet of your business.

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Risk & Security

Protect your vehicle hire business from high-risk customers. Prohire acts as an early warning system, allowing you to abort hires before problems occur.

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Supporting the ever-changing needs of vehicle rental

This entire eco-system or family of modules and services is expanding and evolving all the time and offers an incredible set of functionality and opportunities both now and in the future to our vehicle rental clients and partners.

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