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Our comprehensive ecosystem seamlessly integrates live vehicle tracking, streamlined booking management, job allocation, damage logging, payments, web bookings, and more.

The key benefit?

Improved communication and seamless collaboration for your team.

With Prohire, all your rental departments work harmoniously, from the front desk and yard staff to fleet managers, accounts teams, and business development. No more navigating between multiple systems or searching for information. Prohire serves as the central hub, empowering your team to work together more efficiently.

From quick access to data to seamless web booking experiences, Prohire simplifies and coordinates teams, providing a professional experience for staff and customers alike. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to a streamlined rental process.

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But that’s not all

Introducing Prohire Companion, the mobile solution that empowers remote workers beyond the rental desk.

Prohire Companion ensures every task and vehicle is managed effortlessly and seamlessly, even in offline mode, with all relevant data at your fingertips.

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What we streamline

Customisable with over 25 Job templates, it streamlines vehicle check-outs, check-ins, mid-hire modifications, digital rental agreements, tyre management, inventory management, dispute resolution support, and more.

Vehicle Tracking

Prohire’s vehicle tracking system goes beyond standard tracking software

Prohire’s vehicle tracking system provides comprehensive information to effectively manage your rental fleet. With real-time location tracking, you can always know the exact whereabouts of your vehicles and make timely adjustments to bookings.

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Web Booking

Enhance the efficiency of your web booking process with Prohire’s user-friendly web booking portal

Seamlessly integrated into your website, providing real-time vehicle availability and pricing.

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Prohire Risk

Prohire offers robust risk and security measures, identifying potential risks before they become a problem.

In the world of vehicle renting, it is crucial to safeguard your business from potential risks associated with questionable clients and unauthorised behaviour within your organisation. That’s where Prohire comes in, offering you a comprehensive solution to mitigate these risks.

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Say hello to the future of rental management with Prohire

Elevate your vehicle rental business with Prohire and experience a seamless, streamlined, and successful rental experience.