Within your vehicle rental business, there are multiple teams handling various specialised tasks

By offering a range of modules, Prohire simplifies and coordinates teams, providing a seamless and professional experience for both your team and customers alike.


Front Desk

The front desk team, responsible for welcoming clients, managing vehicle availability, generating quotes, and assisting with check-out.


Yard Team

Yard team members who handle vehicle cleaning and maintenance



The drivers need to know which vehicles are expected to be delivered and or collected and who will be carrying out this task.


Fleet Managers

Fleet managers who coordinate repairs



Accounts teams in charge of invoicing and payments


Business Development

Business development team focused on acquiring new accounts.

With so much activity, it can easily become a chaotic environment.

Coordinating All Your Departments

Prohire’s Vehicle Rental functionality ensures that this bustling atmosphere remains organised and efficient.


Connecting Your Teams

Our system seamlessly connects each of these teams, automatically updating booking statuses, payment information, vehicle availability, client data, and reporting without the need for constant discussions, emails, printouts, or phone calls.


Quick Access to Data

Your accounts team can quickly access a list of clients with overdue invoices, while your front desk team can instantly know when a vehicle is in the workshop and unavailable.

Bringing Your Vehicle Rental Activities Together

Front Desk

Empower your front desk teams with Prohire and simplify the entire life cycle of a reservation - from enquiry through to completion.

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Rates & Quoting

Enhance Pricing Flexibility and Seize Opportunities with Prohire

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Billing & Invoicing

Flexible Billing Options Tailored to Your Clients and Booking Style with Prohire.

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Keep track of your invoices and payments through Prohire, connecting your business to a suite of third-party accounting software.

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Fleet Management

Linking your yard team activities to those of your front desk to manage a fleet’s entire life cycle.

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Reporting & Insights

Keeping your finger on the pulse to help make good operational and strategic decisions moving forward.

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Ensure a smooth operation and keep your teams on track with Prohire's Vehicle Rental system.