In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and consistency are crucial for businesses to succeed. Prohire Companion offers a seamless workflow solution to ensure flawless task execution and efficient vehicle tracking. At its core, Prohire Companion utilises Job Templates, providing clarity and structure to every task, leaving no room for confusion or oversight.

Customise to Your Needs

Prohire Companion’s true power lies in its customisability, offering over 25 Job templates that can be tailored to match each rental company’s unique requirements. This level of flexibility guarantees superior performance and customer satisfaction across all tasks.

Help in So Many Ways!

Prohire Companion extends its capabilities to streamline vehicle check-outs and check-ins, mid-hire changes, digital rental agreements, tyre management, inventory management, and dispute resolution support. Its integration with Prohire Tracker enables real-time vehicle tracking and efficient deliveries and collections. And so much more!

Portable Assistance

Mobile devices are equipped with all relevant data, even in offline mode, ensuring tasks can be executed efficiently and seamlessly uploaded to Prohire upon reconnection to the internet.

Say goodbye to inefficiencies and logistical headaches. Prohire Companion ensures every task and vehicle is managed effortlessly and seamlessly.