There are over 80 reports at your disposal, including:

  • Snapshot utilization – shows how your fleet is performing right now.
  • Date-range utilization – shows how your fleet has performed for a set date range.
  • Turnover report – shows the turnover of your business.
  • Invoice activity – shows your invoice activity for a set date range.
  • Outstanding balances – shows who owes you money.

Prohire delivers the information you need to make informed decisions, providing you with a competitive edge. Its unparalleled flexibility means reports can be easily customised to meet your needs. A report can be displayed, printed or exported to an Excel spreadsheet where you can carry out further analysis.

If you’re not confident with IT, simply send in your specifications, and we’ll create a report for you. If you need a more detailed, multi-faceted report, we can create this too.