The World of Vehicle Rental Is a Fast-Paced One

Your front desk team might have a room full of clients who want to make bookings, your yard team could have several vehicles that need to be cleaned, inspected, and maintained, and your drivers might be going here, there and everywhere to deliver vehicles wherever required.

Hard to Know What’s Going On

It can, therefore, be hard to get a clear assessment of what’s going on. You might, for example, want to know your fleet utilisation, revenue per day, and top percentage of client spend. Alternatively, you might need a top-level view of client balances.

The Need for a Platform

Without a reliable, simple-to-use platform, those things can quickly fall by the wayside, leaving you in the dark without a clear picture of the current situation and the road ahead.

How Prohire Improves Your Processes

Prohire, on the other hand, makes the process of reporting and gaining insights a quick and easy one. With a few clicks of the mouse, your managers can find the data they need and export it as a PDF or CSV file to present to any relevant parties.

Let your team focus on their roles. Let Prohire take care of bespoke reporting