When It Comes to Billing, We Believe It Should Work for You

That’s why Prohire offers robust billing and invoicing functionality that allows you to customise payment options based on the client and style of booking.


How Do You Want to Bill This Client?

Our platform offers the flexibility to determine how to bill clients, whether they are retail customers, flexi rentals, or long-term rentals. For retail hires, a single invoice is typically generated during check-out or check-in. However, for other types of bookings, multiple invoices can be generated at various times during the hire period. You can set specific criteria for invoice generation, either for each booking or for a client based on the nature of the relationship. For instance, some clients may be billed weekly in advance, while others may be invoiced at the end of each month in arrears.

Contract Hire Schedules and Billing

Prohire streamlines the creation of Contract Hire Schedules and the management of billing. With Prohire, you can effortlessly generate a contract that includes an initial rental fee, followed by monthly payments for the duration of the rental term. You can easily generate a PDF of the schedule, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of the rental terms, payment schedule, and other pertinent details, and send it to the client via email. Invoices are generated according to the schedule and can be posted to the accounts system and sent to the client for subsequent payment.


Consolidated Invoicing

Additionally, to simplify the billing process for large corporate clients, you can choose to provide a consolidated single invoice, eliminating the need for multiple individual invoices. This consolidated invoice conveniently presents all the relevant charges in one document.

Hassle-Free Integrated Billing

Our advanced billing and invoicing functionality is seamlessly integrated into the Prohire platform, offering you a comprehensive solution. Don’t let billing be a headache !

Contact us today to discuss your specific billing needs and how Prohire can streamline your billing processes.