From prepping and fleeting to hire events and de-fleeting, our fleet management tool covers every aspect of a vehicle’s life cycle.

As part of that management, the Prohire system ensures data sourced from the DVLA – such as make & model,  vehicle colour and specs – is stored consistently, and documents – such as the V5C – can be easily accessed in the event of a sale.

Vehicle Check Repository

Every time a vehicle comes ‘on-fleet’, its condition is checked, and the user is prompted to ensure all data is logged correctly. It acts as a central information repository, the main reference point throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.

MOT and Service Automation

While on-fleet, there will be fixed management tasks, such as MOTs and services which are highlighted on the Prohire platform and sent as ‘jobs’ to your yard staff through the Companion App.

Real-Time Co-ordination

Our platform’s many components are in constant communication with each other. That live data sharing means that when a vehicle enters the workshop, your front desk team is made aware via the allocation chart and can quickly and efficiently amend bookings should the need arise.

Centralised Damage Tracking

Your front desk team can also view damage records and the cost of work carried out on a vehicle, automatically keeping everyone in your business informed without a single printout or telephone conversation.

Streamlined Communication and Data

We recognise that the rental road is not always straightforward. Our fleet management tool removes any bumps in the road caused by poor communication and data storage, allowing you to shift into a higher gear.

Talk to us today and discover how our fleet management tool can revolutionise your operations.