Gone are the days when your team had to manually calculate prices for every enquiry they received, whether it was over the phone, in person, or online.

Thanks to Prohire, you can now streamline this process and instantly seize opportunities that come your way.

Automation and Tailoring

With our platform, you can customise rate cards with specific rules, allowing for automatic price determination based on various factors. Factors such as a client’s age, vehicle group (such as hatchback, luxury hatchback, van, or lorry), day of the week, time of year, and other price influencers can all be taken into account.

Regional Pricing Flexibility

Rate cards can also be tailored for account clients with special pricing agreements, as well as for specific locations. This flexibility ensures that you can account for regional variations, such as higher prices for airport rentals compared to quieter towns or rural settings.

Rules with Enhanced Flexibility

We understand that rate cards alone may not cover all scenarios. That's why Prohire offers quote rules to provide you with the necessary flexibility.

Beating Competition

For example, if you have low utilisation for the next day, you can introduce a rule to lower the price by 10%, making your fleet more competitive against local competition and increasing sales.

Real-Time Decision Making

These rules, created by your branch managers, function based on triggers and actions, allowing decisions to be made in response to real-time occurrences and market conditions.

Take your pricing strategy to the next level with Prohire's enhanced rates and quoting mechanics.