Tired of logistical headaches and inefficiencies in your vehicle deliveries and collections? Meet the Companion mobile app – the ultimate digital assistant for businesses dealing with corporate clients.

Seamlessly synced with our powerful Prohire system, the Companion app revolutionises your operations, providing real-time task updates, digital handover verification with timestamped signatures, integrated navigation for streamlined vehicle delivery, and Prohire tracker integration for efficient collections.

Managing Drivers

Drivers are provided with a roster of vehicles to deliver or collect, along with the associated locations and clients, depending on their workload.

Guaranteeing a Consistent High Quality of Service

Drivers employed by rental companies often work part-time or on short-term contracts, providing the workforce with much-needed flexibility. While this arrangement benefits the rental company, it can pose challenges in maintaining consistent service to clients. To tackle this issue, the companion mobile app mandates a standardised process that all drivers must follow diligently on every occasion. This approach guarantees a high-quality service for clients with each interaction.

Digital Handover Verification

One of the app’s key features is its ability to offer digital handover verification. With timestamped and geolocated signatures, both drivers and clients can confidently authenticate the condition of the vehicle and take responsibility for the handover. This feature significantly reduces potential disputes, ensuring a smooth and reliable transaction process and of course good ongoing relationship with your clients.

Collecting a Vehicle Is Easy with Prohire Tracker

Prohire Companion integrates seamlessly with Prohire tracker. With this integration, drivers can verify the vehicle's actual location, making the collection process more reliable and efficient.

Offline Task Management

We understand that connectivity can sometimes be an issue, especially in remote or low-network coverage areas. That's why the Companion app is designed to store vital information offline and automatically sync it with the Prohire system once your mobile device is back online. Rest assured that your tasks and data remain secure and accessible, regardless of the network conditions.

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