Prohire Companion offers a comprehensive solution for effectively managing tyres in various vehicle types. Whether you are renting cars or commercial vehicles, keeping track of tyre wear and tear is essential.

Monitoring the Tyres on Your Vehicles

With the Prohire Companion, effortlessly monitor tyres and ensure proper return. Record tyre details during checkout, including depth, make, and wheel images, which can be compared upon return. For specific vehicles like trucks or cranes, any discrepancy in tyre depth can be charged for at final billing.

4 wheels or 12?

To cater to different vehicle configurations, the app lets you specify the number of axles and wheels on a per-model basis. These details are then presented to the operator as a visual representation with a frog image, making it easy to inspect each tyre.

Guarding Against Fraud!

Prohire Companion is equipped to identify any cases where a client returns a tyre of a different make than the one provided initially. This discrepancy could indicate an attempt by the client to benefit from a lower-quality tyre. Prohire promptly flags such inconsistencies, empowering the rental operator to take necessary steps for payment rectification and appropriate action.

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