The Prohire Companion App offers a transparent, consistent, and straightforward rental process, irrespective of the team member involved. 

Checking Out

It ensures a uniform procedure for checking out and returning vehicles. On check-out, your yard team collaborates with the client to review and agree upon the vehicle’s current condition, solidified by the client’s geo and time-stamped digital signature within the app, providing irrefutable proof of acceptance. 

Return and Check-In

Upon return, a similar walk-through is conducted to ascertain any damage incurred during the rental period, and the client digitally signs their acceptance of the vehicle’s condition. Consequently, the front desk can assess if there are additional charges due for excessive damage or mileage. 

Reducing Disputes

This dual-signature process – pre and post-hire – provides a clear agreement on the vehicle’s condition, significantly reducing disputes over potential additional payments for damage, excess mileage, late returns, or future PCN’s.

Make Processes Easier, Quicker and Better.

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