Dispute Resolution Support

In the world of vehicle rentals, disputes can arise over various disagreements. Whether it’s determining the origin of a scratch, assessing tire wear, or addressing late returns, resolving these disputes efficiently is essential. That’s where the Companion App comes to the rescue, providing a wealth of evidence to support your case.

Enhanced Dispute Documentation

With our app, you can capture and store crucial information to build a comprehensive picture of liability, condition history, and journey data. But what sets us apart is the inclusion of client agreements, before and after the rental, with the option for signatures and client photos. Those additional levels of identification and agreement ensure that your client actively acknowledges and confirms the condition of the vehicle, creating a solid foundation for dispute resolution.

Streamlined Rental Process

Additionally, the Companion App enforces consistency amongst inspectors or drivers by standardising and streamlining the rental process. With clear guidelines and procedures within the app, everyone involved follows the same protocols, reducing discrepancies and enhancing accuracy. This consistency further strengthens your position when resolving disputes, as the evidence is backed by a unified and reliable process facilitated by our app.

Powerful Digital Evidence

Through geo-located photographs, time-stamped digital signatures, and snapshots of tracker data, the Companion App empowers you with immutable evidence.

Reliable Offline Storage

With so much information in hand, it’s no longer a question of one word against another. It’s a question of immutable data – all of which is stored in the Companion App when offline, and automatically updated to the cloud when linked to an internet connection.

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