Establish consent and acquire digital authorisation for any modifications to an active rental, while also obtaining a real-time check on the vehicle’s condition and mileage from your client.

Circumstances can shift, and it’s not uncommon for reservations to require alterations or updates once the vehicle is out on the road.

Perhaps a client wants to extend their rental period, necessitating a new rental agreement to be signed and an extra payment to be processed. Our Mobile App is designed to facilitate these extension requests, signatures, and payment procedures seamlessly. Beyond extending bookings, the app also enables vehicle swap arrangements, and even allows for real-time condition and mileage updates of the vehicle.

Avoiding disputes …

Before, tasks were often done informally over the phone, which could cause issues if disputes over things like speeding tickets, parking fines, or extra rental fees arose. If a client claimed they didn’t agree, the rental company had no proof. But now, with digital requests and signatures, all responses are automatically saved in our system, providing clear evidence if any issues come up.

Our Mobile App enables seamless interaction with clients during the rental period, facilitating real-time updates, rental extensions, vehicle swaps, and authorisation for changes, all without the client needing to return to the rental site.

It eliminates informal, disputable processes by saving all digitally authorised modifications and responses automatically, thus providing indisputable evidence should any issues arise.

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