When you’re away from the office and need to locate and track a vehicle, Prohire Companion in conjunction with our Prohire Tracker module offers a perfect solution.

Unfortunately, Vehicles Can Be Stolen or Clients May Fail to Pay Their Bills

while continuing to use the vehicle. Sometimes, clients abandon vehicles in random locations without proper returns. Prohire Companion empowers rental company drivers to recover these vehicles independently or accompany law enforcement or recovery agencies in the process.

Arriving at an Agreed Collection Point Only to Find the Client Absent with the Vehicle Can Be Frustrating and Inconvenient.

Unclear collection instructions or imprecise location details, such as large area postcodes, can also lead to wasted time, especially if the vehicle is needed for another hire shortly after. Prohire Companion significantly improves this process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient vehicle collection experience.

Embrace the efficiency and convenience of Prohire Companion to streamline vehicle tracking and management, making your rental experience seamless and hassle-free.

Experience the power of live vehicle tracking with the Companion App.