Giving You Prompt Damage Control

Over time, vehicles in a rental fleet inevitably acquire damage, incurring costs for repairs and causing downtime when the vehicle needs to be taken off the road. Identifying damage promptly is essential to hold the client accountable for any harm caused.

Solutions We Offer

Prohire Companion offers a solution to this issue by enabling operators to identify vehicle damage upon return. The damage is then highlighted to the front desk for cost assessment and appropriate charges to be applied to the client.

Profit-Saving Accountability

Addressing unaccounted damage is crucial for the rental industry, as it saves tens of millions annually that would otherwise eat away at a rental company’s profits.


Protecting Vehicle Value

Unrepaired damage not only costs the rental company directly but can also affect the vehicle’s residual value or result in additional expenses when returning leased vehicles.

Recording Damage

At the start of a rental, the vehicle’s condition is agreed upon and recorded in Prohire Companion with the client’s signature. Upon return, the vehicle undergoes another inspection, and its condition is reassessed and agreed upon with the client. If any discrepancies in the vehicle’s condition are detected, the client can be charged immediately, avoiding the need to chase payment at a later time.

Vehicle Damage History

All recorded vehicle damages are stored in Prohire, allowing any un-repaired damage to be automatically carried forward to the next rental. The damage remains documented until it is either repaired or re-evaluated, leading to the cancellation of an incorrect damage report.

Managing Damage

Vehicle damage accumulates until it reaches a point where it becomes reasonable to take the vehicle off the road and schedule it for repairs at a workshop. The decision to book a vehicle for repairs is based on various criteria, such as the type of vehicle or who the intended clients are Prohire facilitates fleet managers in viewing all instances of damage for each vehicle, enabling them to make informed decisions about scheduling repairs. Additionally, fleet managers receive notifications about any new damage across the fleet, assisting them in prioritising vehicles for prompt repairs. Once the damage is repaired, its status is updated to “repaired,” and it will no longer appear on the checklist for the next rental check-out or check-in in the Prohire Companion job.

With our app, vehicle management becomes a breeze. It’s vehicle management made easy.